The world of Dylanfior

The First Session
The rise of the crows

In the 1st session of the rise of the crows campaign the party finds themselves in the large city of jinto as the festival of the ancients began. The party is a group of newly initiated team in the guild of crows, infamous enforcers and mercenaries that run the poor side of the city. The festival of the ancients is a month long celebration of the gods and what they have created in this world. Stories tell that during this festival is the only time the old gods can walk among the common people of the world. To keep the identities of the gods hidden the people of Jinto wear masks to cover their faces, making all men and gods equal. The party found Jaden in the city square, not wearing a mask. Jaden sent the party into the dangerous Kormheir forest to the east of the city. The edge to kormheir forest is lined with dolls made from twine and leaves to represent the children that have been taken into the forest by mysterious beings. They were instructed to bring him back a jewel from the ruins of an old fort deep in the heart of the forest. The party encountered many strange things in the nights of their stay. The first night they found the spirit of a young boy with the angered ghosts of his parents behind him. The second night of their adventure they were set upon by 3 large werewolves, one communicated with the party and guaranteed their safety.

When the party finally found the ruins of the fort, things began to get strange.The stones of the fort began to glow a bright blue with mysterious runes on them. The paladin of the party deciphered the runes into the simple words,
“Death lives here.”
Within the ruins the party encountered ghosts of the past, speaking of a king that began to burn down the forest looking for them. Within the ruins they found two small journals that detailed some parts of 2 mysterious figures lives. When the party finally found the room that the jewel was supposed to be in, they met a mysterious figure in the dark. Glowing green eyes was all they could see. He spoke with them for but a few moments before handing over the jewel and disappearing into the dark.

The party then returned to Jinto once more to find a great reward from Jaden. When the party presented the journals to Jaden he increased their reward for unknown reasons.

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